If the "Autosave" feature is active in the general settings, the project that the user is working on is periodically backed up. You can open backup projects in the program and continue where you left off.

To activate the autosave feature;

  • Click the Preferences icon in the settings tab in the ribbon menu .

  • Check the Autosave feature in the preferences dialog .

  • If Autosave is active, backups with .bak extension will be created in the folder where your project is registered.

  • If it is not active, check the Autosave line and enter a value in minutes in the interval. Otherwise, backups of your project will not be created.

To open project backup files;

  • Click the Open line from the menu under the ideCAD logo in the upper left corner of the ribbon menu .

  • The Load Project dialog will open.

  • Select "Backup Project Files (* .bak)" from the file type line   .

  • Click the OK button.

  • The backup file will be opened.