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Alias (Command Line) Editor

The command line is located above the information and message line in the ideCAD. In the command line, the operations performed by the commands in the ideCAD, information about the operations takes place simultaneously with the operation. The Alias Editor dialog lists the commands in the ideCAD and their shortcuts. Shortcuts can be changed if desired.

Commands can be run by clicking on the command line or typing commands from the keyboard. The command line can be closed or opened. It can be opened and closed by pressing the right button at any point on the edge of the vertical toolbar in the ribbon menu and clicking the Command Line line.

There are certain commands that can be written on the command line and are defined in the "idecadalias.txt file existing in the program folder. It is possible to access and make changes to these commands. When the Alias Editor icon is clicked, the commands and their shortcuts are listed in the Alias Editor dialog, and the shortcuts can be changed if wanted.

Location of the Alias Editor Command

You can access it under the ribbon menu Settings tab Settings title.

Alias Editor Dialog

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