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Fillet in Box Object

With the fillet feature, the corners of the box object can be chamfered, softening it and reducing its angular appearance.

Location of the Fillet Feature

You can access the fillet feature from the box settings dialog.



The level of the box object is entered from the floor base.


The height of the box object.


The color of the box object is selected from the color palette that opens when clicked.

Line type

The line type of the line of the box object in the plan is selected from the drop-down list when clicked.


By marking, it is ensured that the corners of the box are bevelled, not sharp.


The size and radius of the chamfer to be made in the corners is entered.

Edge count

The number of edges of the chamfer to be made is determined. The higher a value is entered, the less angular appearance will be.


The material to be used on the top, bottom and other surfaces of the box is selected from the list. Surfaces are covered with the selected material and displayed as such in renderings.

Texture length is entered into the world length. For example; If 1 is entered, the selected material texture is taken as 1 meter and covered on the relevant walls.

In the angle, the angle of the texture is entered.

Touch the U and V offset. The motion value in the x and y plane is entered.

With U and V mirroring, the texture is symmetrical with respect to the y and x planes.

By selecting the single material option, the material selected in "Top material" is used on all surfaces of the box.

Fillet Samples in a Box

When the fillet feature is not active


When the radius is 10 cm and the edge count is 10

When the radius is 50 cm and the edge count is 30

When the radius is 75 cm and the edge count is 30

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