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ODT Snapper

Door-window designs are made with the features of snaping to object nodes or grids.

Jump to Object Points

When the cursor approaches Object Node points, you can make it lock onto object node points.

  • Click the Jump to Support / Object Points row.

  • Select the objects you want to jump to their points. Each time you make a selection, the jump points of that object will appear as blue dots.

Delete Free Jump Points

You can eliminate the jump points you created with the "jump to object points" command.

  • Click on the Support / Delete Free Jump Points row.

  • Blue jump points that previously appeared will be deleted.

Skip to Grid

By clicking the Lock to Grid icon from the toolbar , you can place a node only on the intersection points of the grid on the screen while drawing an object.

Placing Points Using Grid Jump

You can place your points on integer coordinates using the jump to grid. Sample:

  • We want to place a node 20 cm above the center, 110 centimeters to the right in the Front view.

  • In this case, our coordinate for the point will be X = 1.10, Y = 0.20.

  • Click the right mouse button where there are no objects in the facade view.

  • Right click menu is opened.

  • Select the Skip to Grid command at the bottom of this menu .

  • Watch the coordinates in the lower right corner change as the mouse moves (These values ​​will increase and decrease as much as the grid settings as long as the grid skip command is on). For example, if the grid x spacing is 0.02 meters, the grid values ​​in the x box will progress as 0.02, 0.04, 0.06.

  • Get to the point X = 1.10, Y = 0.20.

  • Click your point.

Grid Settings

You can change the grid dimensions from the dialog that opens by clicking the Settings / Preferences row.

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