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Join Wall

Joins walls that appear in two or more pieces but do not intersect with another object. The wall can be drawn in one or more parts in the same direction. Join command is used when you want to make these walls into one piece again.

Location of Join Command

You can access the wall toolbar that opens after clicking the wall command.

Usage Steps

To make the wall consisting of 4 parts above into 2 parts;

  • Click the Wall icon from the ribbon menu .

  • The wall toolbar will open. Click the Join icon from the toolbar .

  • Select the wall segments you want to join in the drawing area.

  • Click the right mouse button, all fragmented walls that do not have any connection with objects will become one wall.

Usage step

Before join wall command

Selecting the wall/walls to be joined

Clicking the right mouse button to become one piece

Next Topic

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