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Object Layer Drawing Details

Some layers have sub-layers within themselves. The sub-layers of these layers are listed in the Layer settings dialog, Drawing Details tab. Sub-layers that are not wanted to be seen in the drawing can be turned off from the drawing details tab.

Drawing Details Dialog

  • Click the Layer icon in the ribbon menu .

  • Click on the Drawing Details tab from the layer settings dialog.



Entities drawing details list

The layers included in the project are listed.

Apply to current drawing only

Changes made are applied only to the current page.

Apply to all stories

Changes made are applied to all story pages.

Apply to all drawings

The changes made are applied to all drawings.

Use for new drawings

The changes made will be valid in the newly created drawings.

Sub-layer Representation

You can turn on/off the sub-layers from the drawing details. The table below shows the display ways of the lower layers in open and closed conditions.

Layer status


Click on the box to mark it.


Click on the box to uncheck it.

The table below shows the column drawing of the column hatch sub-layer in open and closed conditions.

Layer Open

Layer Off

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