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Modify Structural Materials

When you define any concrete element, you must assign a structural material to that element. You may want to change the concrete materials you have assigned at any stage of the project for some reason. With the Structural Materials command, you can quickly assign that material to your concrete elements.

Location of Structural Materials Command

Ribbon menu from the Settings tab of the Settings can be accessed from the title.

Usage Steps

  • Click the Structural Materials icon.

  • The Modify Structural Materials dialog will open.

  • All concrete elements that exist in the program will be listed in the dialog.

  • After marking the relevant element, select the appropriate concrete types, steel types and stirrup type from the drop-down list.

  • After the process, close the dialog by clicking the OK button.

  • The materials you selected will be automatically defined for the elements you marked.

If a material has not been defined in the project before, this material is created automatically. You can see this material in the structure tree and also change its properties if necessary.

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